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crafted mochi donuts

Hazelnut Crunch mochi donut
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Cookies and dreams
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You Deserve This.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mochi Donut
Dochi brand message

The Reason

“Everyone is fighting a battle inside that we may not know about and we cant always fix the problem, but what we can do is be there to help each other get through it.”


We believe the little things matter. As simple as a smile, a compliment, or sweet bite into a dochi can make a major difference in someone's day. We shouldn't ever underestimate the impact we can have on others.


Our boxes and dochi experience are designed to be that joyful impact. Dochi hopes to help bring a smile to someone sick in the hospital bed, your new neighbors as a welcome gift, or a token of appreciation to our loved ones... OR a treat for yourself because you deserve it!


... with a light crisp on the outside

What's a "Dochi"?

A "Dochi" is what we call our mochi donuts! It's pleasant cross between a Japanese rice cake (aka "mochi") and a classic American fried donut.

Our dochis have a unique bubble ring shape that is designed to be easily


dochi donut logo
dochi logo

Japanese Mochi Donuts

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