About Us

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                  are what we call our mochi donuts!

They're a pleasant cross between the sweet and chewy

Japanese rice dessert (aka "mochi") and the classic American

fried donut. Each and every dochi is thoughtfully crafted with our many exotic glazes and delicious treats. Our dochis have a unique bubble ring shape that's designed to be easily tear-n-shareable!

A delectible treat that's soft, chewy, airy... with a slight crisp on the outside.

Our Story

                     The truth is, we never really know what life has in store for us- the ups and the downs- but we always have the choice to be grateful. After experiencing a life threatening condition, Jason Le was devoted to live a life fueled by gratitude which led him to start his mochi donut business. The creation of “Dochi” was from Jason’s desire to not only spread the feeling of gratitude, but to go one step further and practice acts of appreciation.

What was once a dream quickly turned into reality when Jason reached out to his long time best friend, Frank- who had a background in cooking donuts, to help bring his ideas to life. With both young men facing adversities, coming from families of refuge, and not having experience in entrepreneurship- there were definitely struggles with starting the business. But, with the support from their families, friends and the opportunity from a local neighborhood market (EEM), the duo started their first ever Dochi pop up in Orlando, Florida. 


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The Dochi Gang

                                 is on a mission to make the

world a better (and happier ☺️) place- one dochi at a time by providing treats that can bring people together and brighten up their days! 

We continuously strive to inspire our communities to spread kindness, make them feel valued, and have a positive impact. 

               Dochi can now also be found in Washington and Colorado, in addition to our Florida locations.


All locally owned and operated by our family and friends!


crafted mochi donuts