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crafted mochi donuts

Frequently asked questions:

What makes a dochi unique?


Dochis are made with rice flour, so the texture is chewy, airy, soft, with a slight crisp. It's also less greasy and sweet compared to a regular donut.

We make our dochis with extra TLC as we make sure that each one is topped evenly with a specific dip and sprinkle technique to ensure the dip-to-topping ratio is just right with every bite!

Do your dochis contain nuts?


Some dochis may contain nuts.


Our dochi dough is nut-free. We do not use any type of nuts in our dough recipe. A dochi may contain nuts if it is a part of the topping flavor of that day. We always include the name of the nut used in our flavor titles. We rotate our flavors frequently!

Please note: Though we try our best to avoid cross contamination with our nut toppings by enforcing extra precautions (like: swapping  out our prep materials, changing gloves, etc) they are still made in the same kitchen.

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FA Q's

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How can you store a dochi?


Dochis are best eaten fresh!!!

If you plan to eat it the same day, store the dochis at room temperature with the lid slightly open to keep it ventilated. If you plan to enjoy your dochis after 2 days or more, it can be frozen/refrigerate, but would have to be thawed out to room temperature before consuming. The only thing is the longer you wait, the dochis can become softer and oily, but it’s also a preference.


Some flavors can last longer than others depending on the toppings used, such as some cereal flavors would be best eaten within the same day before it might go stale.

Can we make pick-up orders and pre-orders?


Online pick-up & delivery orders and pre-orders are available at select locations. Check out our "ORDER ONLINE" tab to view more information on how to place an order!

Are the dochis

gluten-free and/or vegan friendly?


Dochis are NOT gluten-free and it is NOT vegan as it contain a portion of wheat flour, dairy & eggs.

How much calories are in a dochi?


A dochi with no topping is about 80 calories each. A dochi with toppings can range from another 50 - 200 calories. 

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Japanese Mochi Donuts

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