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crafted mochi donuts

Frequently asked questions:

What makes a dochi unique?


Dochis are made with rice flour, so the texture is chewy, airy, soft, with a slight crisp. It's also less greasy and sweet compared to a regular donut.

We make our dochis with extra TLC as we make sure that each one is topped evenly with a specific dip and sprinkle technique to ensure the dip-to-topping ratio is just right with every bite!

Do your dochis contain nuts?


Some dochis may contain nuts.


Our dochi dough is nut-free. We do not use any type of nuts in our dough recipe. A dochi may contain nuts if it is a part of the topping flavor of that day. We always include the name of the nut used in our flavor titles. We rotate our flavors frequently!

Please note: Though we try our best to avoid cross contamination with our nut toppings by enforcing extra precautions (like: swapping  out our prep materials, changing gloves, etc) they are still made in the same kitchen.

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FA Q's

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Are the dochis



Dochis do contain a portion of wheat flour so it is not gluten-free. However, we do plan on coming up with a GF version of the dochi in the future! 

Can we make pick-up orders and pre-orders?


Online pick-up & delivery orders and pre-orders are available at select locations. Check out our "ORDER ONLINE" tab to view more information on how to place an order!

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