What makes a dochi unique?

Dochis are made with rice flour, so the texture is chewy, airy, soft, with a slight crisp. It's also less greasy and sweet compared to a regular donut.

Does dochi contain nuts?

We do not use any type of nuts in our recipe unless it is a part of the flavor of that day. We rotate our flavors weekly.

Are the dochis gluten-free?

Dochis do contain a portion of wheat flour so it is not gluten-free. We do plan on coming up with a GF version of the dochi in the future!

Can we make preorders?

If you plan to order 5 dozen or more, please contact us via IG message or via email. Otherwise you are welcome to come purchase in-store during our hours. We make try our best to make enough dochis to last through the day, but its possible that we might sell out within an hour of closing.

Are dochis vegan-friendly?

Sorry! Our dochis do contain milk and eggs in our recipe. We do hope to release a Vegan friendly option in the near future!