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Dochi Academy

Your gateway to mastering the mochi donut business. Gain insights from our industry experience and access valuable resources, empowering you to confidently establish and run your own successful mochi donut venture.

flour Mix

Introducing our Dochi Flour Mix:

the effortless way to create delightful fried donuts at home or for your business. Our special blend combines the chewiness of mochi with the crispiness of fried donuts. Perfect for donut shops, startup entrepreneurs, and at home chefs! Follow simple instructions for consistent, crave-worthy results. Elevate your donuts with unique textures and creative toppings using our Dochi Flour Mix.

Simple instructions, just add water oil and shortening!


Dochi academy &

Your Partner in Mochi Donut Success!

Ever dreamed of having your own mochi donut spot? We know the feeling, and we're here to help – no frills, just real guidance.

At Dochi Academy & Consulting, we've gathered insights from our journey growing from pop ups tents to 5 brick and mortar stores, and we're excited to share the ups and downs of opening a thriving mochi donut shop. Don't worry if you're new to this – we'll do our best to provide you with the best resources to be successful.


Picture this: a mentor who'll walk you through setting up the structure and foundation of your business, mastering day-to-day operations with systems and operations, and getting the word out there to gain business! Armed with our experience and a treasure trove of resources, you'll be well-prepared to shine in the mochi donut world. We wouldn't advise you on anything we wouldn't do ourselves.


We've started from scratch. Alot of lessons learned from our equipment and troubleshooting. We've started with used and new equipment, different brands, and will share with you the lessons we've learned along the way.


Now we work directly with the #1 US manufacturer for Donut Frying equipment and we'll provide you with direct services for maintainence and troubleshooting and best recommendations and pricing from our experience. 

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Trusted Vendors Packaging, supplies, & ingredients 

Get connected with the vendors we rely on firsthand for our mochi donut business needs. We've curated a selection of top suppliers for ingredients, supplies, and packaging based on our own experiences. Streamline your sourcing process and elevate your products with our trusted network of suppliers, tried and tested by us. 

Most startup businesses may underestimate the time and money it takes to research and test supplies and ingredients to fulfill their needs. Over the years, we've spent many hours building relationships with great partners and vendors to support our needs in the operation and business. And we're always looking to expand and grow our network.

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Japanese Mochi Donuts

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